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    Smart Phones | Tablets Apps

    “ The great secret of success in life is for a man to be ready when his opportunity comes.” -Benjamin Disraeli read more

    Smart Phones | Tablets Apps
  • End to End web development and solutions

    Creative Web designs

    Website, the gateway of your business. To make it hip and chic, available to everyone's finger tips and easy access is ours to keep. Leave that to us, we make your business stand out. read more

    Creative Web designs
  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO and Online Marketing

    A webpage with out SEO is like a boat without paddle in a river. More Business comes from more leads and more leads comes from more traffic and all these comes from Nirays Technologies. We bring you business. read more

    SEO and Online Marketing
  • Blue Sky Thinking

    Fostering Thoughts

    "The day before something is a major break through, it is a crazy idea".  Nirays welcome and give value to out of this world thoughts and ideas that can make a change. read more

    Fostering Thoughts
  • Innovation, a culture we nurture

    In House Brainstorming

    Nirays, is powered by a strong R&D team to achieve our vision. Our goals are set and journey started. We are focused on products that help Nirays to reach into everyone's daily life . read more

    In House Brainstorming
  • Why Nirays Technologies?

    We at Nirays, is a team of enthusiastic developers and creative designers focused in engineering of innovative products and solutions, with artistic touch and using the latest technologies, and with a vision of  bringing business and generating revenue. read more

    Why Nirays Technologies?
  • App'etizer for you

    What we do!

    We are the APP'etizer for your thoughts. Through us, you can transform that crazy thought into meaningful product. And that is what we do...   read more

    What we do!
  • Incubation @ Nirays

    We believe in incubating new ideas, and at same time supporting those start ups which could make a difference in our life and society. Nirays, partnered with several start ups from India and abroad, read more

    Incubation @ Nirays

Mobile | Tablet Applications

Mobile devices provide opportunities for proximity and easy accessibility, and thus have a great potential for gaining leverage on a customer’s path to purchase. Mobile marketing is the next big thing. The entire market is just on the finger tips of smart phone users. You need to have a mobile application to reach your customers to gain the upper hand in this competitive market.

Nirays App Lab is providing applications for all sectors of business including Retail & FMCG, Enterprises, Lifestyle, Games, Finance, News Media, Travel and Automotive sectors. Three things we are well focused in mobile app development are Performance, Ease of use and Aesthetics. These three play a significant role in attracting customers to your products and services. This focus helps to create value in your business and that is our motto.

SMS reminders, Push Notifications, Polls & Surveys, Social media integration, Promotions and Membership programs keep your customers close to your brand. Along with marketing, a good app is capable of:

a) Getting feedback from your customers.

b) Carrying out surveys for your products, which help to improve your products and services.

c)  Turning your customers as your marketing agents.

If you would like to discuss further in detail, we are more than happy to hear from you. You could contact us here.

Web Design and Hosting

One of our core services is Website design. Our designs are responsive to customers’ requirements with the use of different coding languages and content management systems. Nirays web design lab is powered  with a creative team of designers and experienced application  developers who are dedicated to create and deliver unique and functional websites -the websites which will stand different from the rest out there. Our designs revolve around our core working concepts like –


Ease of use

Unique and Jazzy – Crisp look

Customizable back end design

We believe that websites should be highly functional without compromising the creativity and aesthetics, and should be simple for easy and smooth usage.We provide web designs for most sectors of industries, eCommerce and also for personal use.

SEO and Online Marketing

Eighty percent of internet users use search engine before they buy a product. This is a report from recent studies on Internet marketing and it shows the potential need of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Here in Nirays, we have an analytic approach for SEO. Our SEO team is committed to monitor and optimize your website traffic 24/7 . We are determined to bring more leads into your website and convert into more business. This determination is our success in SEO and online marketing.

Our SEO starts with Preliminary Analysis of Page (PAP). In this phase we are focused in understanding and learning your business. Competition analysis and keyword analysis are carried out in this phase.

In the Second Phase, we move into code optimization, DB analysis and optimization, meta keyword optimization, Title optimization and numerous other researches and optimizations which leads to increase traffic. Along with this we do social media marketing, blogging, Xml site map creation, email marketing, Pay per click (PPC) marketing and other white hat techniques to improve your website.

We are confident to submit progress report to our customers at regular intervals.

For detailed information please Contact Us

(We offer preliminary analysis set up cost for FREE)




Software Development

Nirays software team is providing cutting edge solutions for various industries including financial sector, ERP, eCommerce, sea freight, air freight and building automation systems globally.
We are all set to launch software products in building solutions and eCommerce . With a rich domain expertise in these sectors , Nirays is now ready to address the needs of tomorrow. This core software team enables Nirays to extend their business beyond India and Singapore. Collaboration and partnership with various firms in India and foreign countries strengthens software team to grow into new sectors and open new business for mother company.