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    “ The great secret of success in life is for a man to be ready when his opportunity comes.” -Benjamin Disraeli read more

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    Website, the gateway of your business. To make it hip and chic, available to everyone's finger tips and easy access is ours to keep. Leave that to us, we make your business stand out. read more

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    A webpage with out SEO is like a boat without paddle in a river. More Business comes from more leads and more leads comes from more traffic and all these comes from Nirays Technologies. We bring you business. read more

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    "The day before something is a major break through, it is a crazy idea".  Nirays welcome and give value to out of this world thoughts and ideas that can make a change. read more

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    Nirays, is powered by a strong R&D team to achieve our vision. Our goals are set and journey started. We are focused on products that help Nirays to reach into everyone's daily life . read more

    In House Brainstorming
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    We at Nirays, is a team of enthusiastic developers and creative designers focused in engineering of innovative products and solutions, with artistic touch and using the latest technologies, and with a vision of  bringing business and generating revenue. read more

    Why Nirays Technologies?
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    We are the APP'etizer for your thoughts. Through us, you can transform that crazy thought into meaningful product. And that is what we do...   read more

    What we do!
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    We believe in incubating new ideas, and at same time supporting those start ups which could make a difference in our life and society. Nirays, partnered with several start ups from India and abroad, read more

    Incubation @ Nirays

Nirays launched Mymo Live app in Android and iOS

Nirays rolled out Mymo Live app in Android and iOS Mymo Live is first generation media app,the World’s first and only exclusive mobile app devoted to news feeds in vernacular, MyMo Live is a new kind of media for a new reader who seeks exceptional quality both in style and substance. read more

Nirays Launched android mobile app “Silentmenot”

Nirays launched android mobile application "Silentmenot" for  client based in Singapore. read more

Equations: The Puzzle

Nirays aired the website https://www.ruhax.com/equations Equations: The Puzzle. A simple yet addictive puzzle game. Make all simple equations correct and climb up hundreds of fun filled levels. Find out your 'Math IQ' and compare it with your friends! May be you will get into the Global Leader board. Solve equations in time mode or in move mode. A very interesting and brain teasing puzzle that makes you think hard.

Nirays Launched excelforcommerce.com

Nirays launched http://www.excelforcommerce.com/ for esteemed client based in India. excel for commerce is a firm into development of custom utility software.

Nirays developed search platform and mobile app

Nirays co developed and launched search platform www.sgbizsearch.com for esteemed customer refine solutions. Project was sub vendor to nirays by refine solutions. Phlotron networks pte ltd owns the website and copyrights. Nirays developed mobile apps for the search platform in iOS and Android platforms, and, launched in app store and play store respectively. Using this website and apps users can search for and locate specifically on Singapore Businesses and Brands available in China while Singapore Enterprises can further raise awareness of its businesses and brands, leading to increase in customer base and reputation.

Nirays developed Pay junction gateway

Nirays technologies successfully developed and launched pay junction payment gateway for Blesta. read more

Bazaarconnect.in powered by Nirays

Nirays technologies launched one other website into market http://www.bazaarconnect.in/ BAZAAR CONNECT INDIA was established to help traders to plan their investment better in commodity and stock market based on the technical analysis read more

Candytree.com.sg Powered by Nirays

Nirays launched  website for their client Candytree. read more

CC avenue Payment Gateway Module

Nirays Technologies, launched CC Avenue Payment Gateway module for Blesta. This app give easy accessing CC avenue for Blesta end users.  


Nirays rolled out one more project MalayaliHost.com on 1st of Novemeber, 2013. read more

Cpanel Plugin for Blesta

Nirays Technologies, successfully launched Cpanel CSF plugin for Blesta application. This firewall plugin is used for unblocking firewall blocked IPs, using the help of cpanel and CSF in WHM servers in Blesta. This give an advantage to the user to NOT TO LOGIN to individual servers for solving unblock request.

Game Solitaire

Nirays, developed game solitaire  on windows 8 platform for mobile - tablet devices as a part of competition held by Microsoft at Bangalore and won the Guinness book of world records. App is available in windows store. Download link http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/yetanothersolitaire/f98d8855-a39f-4fbe-b082-d89ec748923a

Building Automation System

BAS is a low cost building management system developed by Nirays. This is a prototype stage product for enhancing the security, reducing power consumption and making life easy, better and safe. read more