We are Nirays, a technological solutions provider based in India, geared towards providing  software solutions that will enhance or redefine the end user lifestyle towards a carefree and seamless accessibility to commodities and services. We are ambitious business neophyte primarily immersed into web development, mobile applications development , custom software developments and embedded solutions, which are designed for enhancing business performance and growth.  We envision the rise of your business with the support of our products and services.


Nirays provides  multi dimensional, but integrated technological solutions to customers.

By multi-dimensional solutions, we mean solutions which are for web, mobile phones, tablets, desktop applications,embedded,SEO and online marketing. All are in varied technological channels, but we take this as an advantage. We interconnect and integrate each channel for a better and whole and complete technological package for the enhancement of your business. We bring you business through our unique solutions.



It is our mission to deliver solutions that gives value to our clients and generally to people. We are focused to provide diversified products and solutions to enhance business growth.



Ultimately, we envision to to become a part of everyone’s  daily lives by adding value to time, secured life and a simplified living.