Mobile | Tablet Applications

Mobile devices provide opportunities for proximity and easy accessibility, and thus have a great potential for gaining leverage on a customer’s path to purchase. Mobile marketing is the next big thing. The entire market is just on the finger tips of smart phone users. You need to have a mobile application to reach your customers to gain the upper hand in this competitive market.

Nirays App Lab is providing applications for all sectors of business including Retail & FMCG, Enterprises, Lifestyle, Games, Finance, News Media, Travel and Automotive sectors. Three things we are well focused in mobile app development are Performance, Ease of use and Aesthetics. These three play a significant role in attracting customers to your products and services. This focus helps to create value in your business and that is our motto.

SMS reminders, Push Notifications, Polls & Surveys, Social media integration, Promotions and Membership programs keep your customers close to your brand. Along with marketing, a good app is capable of:

a) Getting feedback from your customers.

b) Carrying out surveys for your products, which help to improve your products and services.

c)  Turning your customers as your marketing agents.

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